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About Ruby Rabbit Office Assist

Ruby Rabbit Office Assist is a Virtual Assistant business specialising in:

Remote Personal Assistance

Helping the one-man bands who are busy out on the road everyday selling or working. From day to day administration tasks including diary management, correspondence and database management to planning and organising events to managing Facebook, Twitter and Blog accounts.

One off Administration Tasks

Assisting small businesses with those once off administration tasks that are either too big or too small to be handled properly by their already busy team.

Utilising todays technology Ruby Rabbit can assist your business in many ways. Projects can be sent using email, telephone, facsimile, post or even by setting up a direct link between your office and ours.


How can we benefit your business

  • Available on an as-needed basis
  • Charged purely on hours worked
  • All work is tax deductible
  • No sick pay, holiday pay, downtime
  • No Superannuation or PAYG
  • Provide own office space/equipment/furniture/electricity/water/coffee/tea
  • A Virtual Assistant does not need supervision or training
  • A Virtual Assistant has a genuine interest in helping clients
  • A Virtual Assistant has a wide range of abilities - why deal with lots of different people when you can have one VA
  • Available at hours that suit your business
  • You are free to focus on your business
  • Virtual Assistants save clients not only money, but time (see how much you can save with the calculator)

Client Guarantee

In recognition of our professional obligation to our clients, we shall

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and insure that our client is aware of any potential conflicts
  • Protect the proper interests of our client at all times
  • Safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to us
  • Refrain from using the resources of our clients for personal gain or for any other purpose
  • Accept full responsibility for work that we perform
  • Hold in the highest regard the authority entrusted to us
  • Offer only those services that we perform well, and aid the client in finding assistance for the tasks that we are unable to perform

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative, creative and technical support. Utilising advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional Virtual Assistant assists clients in her area or from her own office on a contractual basis.

VA Placements approved virtual assistant
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