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Website Design

A good small-business website ...

  1. Concisely explains what products and/or services the business offers, where and to whom
  2. Appeals to the business’s specific industry and customer-base through careful design and copywriting
  3. Explains the unique attributes of the business’s products and/or services
  4. Encourages and facilitate genuine enquiries (and if applicable, sales) from new and existing customers
  5. Achieves the above without wasting the business’s money or anybody’s time

Our “Core” website package


All of our website’s are put together with the 5 aforementioned requirements in mind. They’re part of what we consider our “Core” package; the minimum set of features required to make a contemporary small-business website. Here are a few other features of our “Core” package:

  • Original design

    Consistent with business’s corporate identity (logo, colour palette, existing marketing material). Not a ‘cookie-cutter’ template site.

  • 5 pages including ‘home’, ‘about’ and ‘contact’

    Users expect to see certain pages (e.g. ‘contact’). If they’re missing, eye-brows get raised. We also highly recommend a ‘products’ page.

  • Google analytics integration

    Knowing who’s coming to your site, where from and what they’re looking at is incredibly valuable information.

  • ‘Findable’ design (SEO)

    Your site needs to be found, especially through Google. We code, title and meta-tag carefully to give your site a fighting chance.

  • Online enquiry form

    Your site’s users can send you an email enquiry through a simple form/survey on your site (spam-minimisation measures included)

  • Google Maps integration

    Build trust and help people find your premises with an interactive map (includes listing in Google’s “Local business directory”).

  • Testing, uploading and trouble-shooting

    We test your new site in all modern browsers, then we upload the site and rectify any issues detected within the 72 hour QA period.

* extras and add-ons available at extra cost.

Your site in 10 days

The key to delivering high-quality small-business websites quickly (i.e. cost-effectively) is getting the right information. Our specially designed questionnaire guides you through the process of describing your business and products, providing good photos and specifying accurate contact details and price-lists. Our designers and programmers then create your site by combing their expertise with your input. Your knowledge of your own business plus our knowledge of the web with minimal back-and-forth.

NB: We can offer low prices for our packages because the process has been streamlined for speed and efficency. If further edits are required, extra costs will incur.

Extras & add-ons

The following optional extras can be added to your site for just a little more. Please contact us for pricing or details.

  • Additional Pages
  • Blog setup
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Event Calendar
  • Online Newsletter setup
  • Photo gallery & slideshow
  • Mobile version
  • Twitter setup & integration
  • Corporate Facebook setup
  • Shopping Cart
  • Email for your domain
  • Product Photography

rubyrabbit hearts Ya Really

For all of its design, marketing and web services Ruby Rabbit collaborates with its partner Ya Really to deliver quality outcomes.